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Mrs. Harriet C. Moore informs Martha Berry that she has received the anniversary calendar. She also sends a $150.00 donation to the Berry Schools.

Reverend W.M. Morrell sends a $100 check on behalf of an anonymous donor.

Mr. Mikell encloses an amount of $50 for a donation.

This is a response to an appeal letter with a donation for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Mr. Millard donates $50 and says he will make another contribution on July 1st and thanks for the box of cotton.

Miss Strong and the girls and staff at the Masters School send a donation of $50.

This letter thanks Mrs. Lake for her donation, and the clothes her daughter sent to the schools. Miss Berry also mentions the death of her mother.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Miss Hannah H. Kimball, in which she offers Rachel one hundred and fifty dollar check for a scholarship.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Huston for his gift of $25,000 that he sent for the silver anniversary.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Harrison and her friends donation of $73.38 to the Berry Schools. Miss Berry sends each one of them a calendar and invites them to Berry if they ever come down South.

Mrs. Hepburn sends a $150.00 donation to the Berry Schools for a Thanksgiving gift.

Mrs. Harkness sends Martha Berry a $1.00 donation.

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