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Mrs. Edward Ellwanger (L.C. Ellwanger) writes that she has enclosed a check for $150 to give a "boy or girl a chance of Berry for one year".

Martha Berry asks Mr. Herbert Ferrell, of Crieve Hall Farms, to donate two cows to the Berry Schools.

In this letter, Anna B. Baruss ask Miss Berry if she will let her know how the $1000 donated is being used and how the students the money helps perform in school.

Miss Eliza R. Greenwood donates $25 to the Berry Schools and writes a letter letting Miss Berry know what is enclosed.

Letter documenting a $26.00 donation from Treasurer of Col. William Prescott Chapter, Newark, New York to The Berry Schools.

This is a letter thanking the Connecticut DAR State Treasurer, Jennie Loomis for the gifts and help she provided for the Berry Schools from the Katherine Gaylord Chapter and the Sarah Whitman Hooker Chapter.


Martha Berry writes to Emma Lanterman thanking her for the donation of clothing and the visit of Dr. Stearns. She also states that she is separately sending her a copy of "The Story of the Berry Schools" and concerned about having to turn away students due to lack of funding.

A letter from Elinor Merrill to Miss Berry expressing her sympathy for the loss of the school dormitory, along with a $5.00 donation.

Eleanor B. K. Hussey writes to Miss Berry requesting that she comes to New Jersey and brings pictures of the schools so that the Daughters of the American Revolution will make a $150 donation. Martha noted yes on the upper left corner.

A note from Susan V. Clark with a $150 donation to the Berry Schools

This is a donation letter from Rachel H.P. Clark (Mrs. Horace Clark) to Miss Berry for $150.00.

Letter to the Berry Schools from Frederick A. Brown concerning a donation to the schools of $25.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Rosina Boardman for past donations to the Berry Schools and asks for her continued help. She explains how much donations will help the students.

Lillian Waryen Baldwin writes to Martha Berry to donate $10 to The Berry Schools.

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