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In this letter, a person (handwriting) thanks Martha Berry for the cotton that she sent at Christmas time. This person then encloses a donation of $100 for one of the boys.

Thank you letter for the cotton balls sent by Martha Berry.

John B. Morris sends a donation to Martha Berry and thanks her for the cotton she sent last Christmas.


Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Milton for her letter and thanks her for the rugs to copy which will be sent to her daughter once they are finished in the weaving room. Miss Berry also asks for Mrs. Milton to visit once she is strong enough and when the cotton fields are white.

Helen S. Milligan thanks Martha Berry for the cotton sent to her at Christmas time. She also says that she promised Mrs. Neilson to ask about whether or not a package of partly worn clothing was ever delivered to the Berry Schools.

Letter to Martha Berry from F. H. Millard thanking her for the bolls of cotton that she sent him. He hope that the schools had a satisfactory year and that wishes them all a happy new year.

MacLean thanks Berry for her unexpected Christmas present oof fluffy white cotton plants.

Thank you letter for the box of cotton.


Mr. Lloyd thanks Miss Berry for the box of cotton she sent as a Christmas greeting.

Mr. Karelsen sends Martha Berry a thank you letter for the Christmas cotton.

Mrs. James informs Martha Berry of the apendicitis attack she had before Christmas and sends her thanks for the cotton she received.


Hosea was pleased to receive the Christmas cotton and provides some family history, noting that although her aunt is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and asked her to join, her father did not wish for her to.

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