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Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. H. Morris, Jr. thanking her for the donation of clothing, shoes and books.

Helen S. Milligan thanks Martha Berry for the cotton sent to her at Christmas time. She also says that she promised Mrs. Neilson to ask about whether or not a package of partly worn clothing was ever delivered to the Berry Schools.

A letter to Martha Berry regarding a donation of clothing and money to the schools.

Mrs. Kielland is asking if a package of children's clothing that she had sent to the Berry School had arrived. Mrs. Kielland estimated the value of the clothing to be $60-$70.

Miss Berry seems to be responding to a request concerning the receipt of a clothing donation from Mr. Howells and possibly Governor Clinton of Kingston, NY. It appears the donation receipt had not been acknowledged. Martha Berry suggests contacting the Express Company for a receipt signed by A.A. Johnson (a Berry employee?). M. Berry assures Mr. Howells that his donation is appreciated.

Letter about boxes of girls' clothing sent to Miss Berry.

C.A. Gilford sends a letter to Miss. Berry because they are sending a box of old clothes to her.


Miss Furuese sends a box of clothing with some nice stories that she and her sister cut from magazines.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Freeman about the barrel of clothing which was sent by Miss Freeman's Missionary Society. She says that the sender label was torn off so that explains the delay in thanking Miss Freeman. She says that they cannot use the clothing in the school so they sell to the mothers in the surrounding communities with deeply discounted prices so that the mothers can purchase them.

In this letter Miss Mary A Freeman states that her missionanary society will be sending a freight of prepaid clothing to the Berry Schools for the children there.

In this letter Bertha Kendal sends Martha Berry five dollars to help a student get a scholarship. Bertha also says that she will send clothes later in the week that some of the students could use.


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