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Martha Berry sends Rev. Keller some literature about the Berry Schools and asks him if he would be available to give the commencement sermon.

Martha Berry expresses her desire to see Mrs. Frank Inman, which was impeded by her hectic schedule. She also proposed Mrs. Frank Inman meeting with Mr. Cooper and Mr. Carlson.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation for her $2,500 donation for an endowed day.

Mr. Woodruff tells Martha Berry that he will be unable to attend the Trustee meeting and commencement on May 4 due to a Western trip he must take.

Orr hopes to be able to attend commencement.

Martha Berry describes this year's commencement as entirely too long, and she provides instruction for next year's commencement.

A letter from Martha Berry to L. L. Knight discussing his coming for the commencement ceremony.

Francis Hawkins tells Martha Berry that Mr. Chambers has been in Honolulu and will advise Martha Berry whether or not he will be able to attend the trustee meeting and Commencement within the next few days.

Robert Alston writes Martha Berry that he will see to adding J.B. Campbell to the Investment Committee and is glad that Dr. Knight is going to be the commencement speaker.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Hammond to identify a man who inquired about The Berry Schools--a Mr. Pressier. Martha Berry also agrees to visit Mount Kisco.


Martha Berry writes to Mr. Tribble that she will try to come to his Commencement if she is available because she is very proud of him and his work.

Mr. Keown writes to W. Farris Tribble to inform him that the glee club from the Berry School will most likely be able to attend his Commencement. Mr. Keown may not be able to attend but Martha Berry would like to attend.

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