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Loomis expresses interest in contributing to the schools, writing to Berry that although locally he gives without regard to race, creed, or color, he is particularly interested in his substantial gifts benefiting "100% American Protestant boys and girls." He would wish to give at least $5,000 and place a bronze table commemorating his family.

Margaret writes to Martha with the list of addresses that she had inquired about, and thought had been included in the last letter sent to marth.

A letter from Miss Berry's office sending Mr. Holt a copy of the recently published newsletter, which he should have received because he's on a mailing list. She also tells him that while Miss. Berry is abroad repairs of some sort are being done on the school but the funds are very low.

Holt reports that he has not received any issues of the Southern Highlander and asks that Bonner send him a copy. He reports on a motoring trip to Asheville he made with Mrs. Holt and her brother's family and recalls his first trip to Berry for Roosevelt Day in 1910.

Miss Fanny Duren sent in $6 for a subscription to the Southern Highlander and expressed her desire to someday give more to the schools.

Miss Berry writes Mr. Cross to tell him about the opportunities to give scholarships to Berry students and encloses the latest issue of the Southern Highlander.

Mr. Cross requests that Miss Berry respond with information regarding opportunities to help with the education of Berry students.

Louis Bushwell reminds Martha Berry that this is the first Mother's Day she will spend without her mother, Mrs. John Bushwell, who recently passed. She says that the Southern Highlander magazine brought her comfort and that she is sending a check to the school for $50.

Miss Helen C. Bradly sends a $5.00 donation to the Berry Schools and says she enjoys reading the Southern Highlander.

Letter to The Berry Schools from Carl G. Brown informing Miss Berry that the newest issue of The Southern highlander reacher him and that he believes her work to be some of the most constructive in the country. He also informs her that inclosed is his donation of $100.00 for the purpose of furthering her cause.

Brewster asks for a copy of the Highlander and some literature to Mrs. A. W. Dubs and Mr. E. A. Wilcox, if they weren't already on the mailing list.

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