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Harry J. Carlson suggests not writing to Mr. Carlson until after she receives his letter.

Coolidge and Carlson encloses copies of correspondence also sent to her at the Hotel Gotham.

Harry J. Carlson sends lists of potential donors.

Architect Harry J. Carlson reports on correspondence with Mr. Skinner, reassuring Martha Berry that he thinks the trouble is over and things will go smoothly from now on.

Harry J. Carlson provides information to Joseph Randolph Coolidge, Jr. about the upcoming visit of Coolidge and his wife to Berry.

Harry J. Carlson confirms the date change for a New York meeting with Martha Berry and John E. Bierwirth.

Martha Berry writes that she has found a decorator from a company other than the one they had originally discussed. She hopes to visit New York in March, but has been ill. She believes that it is imperative to start an endowment for Berry.

Harry J. Carlson encloses the Harvard University annual report, which includes a list of donors.

Coolidge and Carlson requests the date for a meeting with Thompson Starrett Company vice president John E. Bierwirth.

Harry J. Carlson writes that he will try to make an appointment set by John E. Bierwirth but believes that Bierwirth and Martha Berry are more informed than he regarding Mr. Jones and Miss Berry.

Harry J. Carlson encloses a rough sketch of the bookplate and inquires whether Martha Berry wishes to incur the expense of having the bookplate created. He reports that the motto, ribbon, and seal, carved in oak and intended to be kept as a model for other similar things, will be sent.

Architect Harry J. Carlson addresses Martha Berry's concerns about stonework and walls, saying that he is not concerned and suggesting that she depend on Mr. Hanson's expertise in the matter. He encloses a letter from Mrs. St. John but indicates that her suggestions cannot be implemented.

B. Mifflin Hood writes that he has asked that roofing tile samples be delivered to Berry for consideration.

Martha Berry asks architect Harry J. Carlson to have a bookplate made for the library and asks when the motto and seal will be ready.

Martha Berry writes architect Harry J. Carlson that she is not pleased with the rock work on the new building and has concerns about how walls are being built. She also suggests that the school have on hand a complete set of records and plans for the project in order to share them with visiting donors to the project.

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