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Mr. McGill discusses the $200,000 campaign that has turned into a prospective $600,000 plus campaign which will probably prevent his visiting Rome that week.

Martha telegrams to see if Mr. McGill could come to Berry in the next few days before she leaves.

Martha Berry writes that she will be unable to visit Miss McCollough, and she sends her a check to help her be more comfortable. She expresses her appreciation for Ida's work with the children at Berry

Lucy Peel Kiser writes to Martha Berry to express how interesting she found her trip to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. F. M. Inman to request that she visit Berry in the next week so that they may talk over plans about the Mothers' Building.

The Berry Schools let Mrs. Grant know that even though Martha Berry will not be around, that they should still come and see the new improvements to Berry.

Vivien Grant expresses her interest in bringing her family by to see the new buildings at Berry.

Martha writes to Elizabeth to thank her for the help that she sent to Berry, and hopes that when Martha is in New York they will be able to visit.

In reply to Miss Berry's invitation, Fries declines to visit and speak at Berry because he is not well and is too busy.

Extension of an invitation to visit Berry Schools to a Mr. George Eastman. He is invited to stay at the Berry guest house, which has "a hostess to welcome our friends." Berry offers to take him into the country and show him some cabin homes and old colonial houses.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Douglass know she will always remember his kindness and hopes to see him soon.

Miss Doremus sends a small donation to Berry on Mother's Day in honor of her mother.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Dickey for her donation which is a greatly needed gift.

Mr. Dickason accepts Martha Berry's offer to come for a visit.

Miss Dexter would like Martha Berry come visit, but thinks December is too soon.


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