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Miss Berry writes thanking Mrs. Barnes for her donation to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Blair to thank her for her gift. She mentions the Christmas carol service they had on campus and that she is sure that everyone was in a spirit of holy reverence. She also mentions that it will take much faith and courage to face the New Year since so many boys and girls wish to have an education at Berry.

General letter to those who gave anniversary gifts to the Berry Schools for the 25th anniversary.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Caldwell for his contribution to the Berry Schools.

Alice R. Young thanks Martha Berry for her annuity check and encloses a $2 donation to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry is showing her gratitude for the generous gift to help Elizabeth. The gift was given for the beautiful memorial. She wants everyone to get a glimpse of the true spirit of Christmas and what its meaning is.

A letter to Martha Berry from Lillian Williams about Berry's great spirit. Ms. Williams describes how Berry has inspired her and helped her receive happiness and become motivated to do greater things.

Mr. Stetson is thanking Miss Berry for a small box of cotton that she sent him.

A thank you letter from The Berry Schools to James X. MacCloskey, Jr. for his letter regarding an endowed day in memory of trustee Hamilton Stewart. The Schools send literature under separate cover and gives a brief history of the Schools.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to Dr. Chas Procter thanking him for his kind letter about the Berry Schools.

Lucy is thanking Miss Berry for the wonderful visit and hopes to see her again soon.

Alice V. Morris writes Martha Berry thanking her for the lavender.

This is a thank you letter to Miss Martha Berry from H. A. Morgan for an invitation to visit the Berry Schools. He says that he may have to miss Commencement because of important business at his own school but that he will try to visit her soon.

Mrs. James Moses thanks Martha Berry for sending her the 25th Anniversary Calendar of the Mount Berry Schools and, in return, she and her husband are sending ten dollars to the Berry Schools.

The author of this letter thanks Miss Berry for the gift of cotton, and expresses their wish to visit the Berry Schools, but their travels always take them elsewhere.

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