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Lily Carpenter sends a check for $150 to pay for the first half of her sister's scholarship.

Lily F. Carpenter informs Martha Berry that she will not be able to send her sister's scholarship until March.

Miss Campbell expresses her desire that the money she encloses for two scholarships be used for Wilma and Phyllis, whose stories particularly interested her. She says that if that is not possible, the money be used for Idell and Mittie, or Sarah and Mary.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Callaway for his gift towards an endowed scholarship in memory of Dr. Enoch Callaway. She informs him of the need for donations at Berry and how hard they can be to come by, and invites him to visit the school if he is ever in the area.

Cason Callaway writes to Miss Berry informing her that at this time they will continue regular quarterly donations of $25 rather than endowing a day in memory of Fuller E. Callaway.

This is an appeal responce from Mrs. O.B. Brown about the letter dealing with the orphan Claire.

Letter with check from Dorothy F. Bodine for $50.00 for annual contribution to Berry Scholarship.

Miss Irene Bigelow have a scholarship in response to the appeal.

Inez writes to Miss Bonner with the life of Gifts from the Sun-up Program and Town Hall.

Mrs. Howe encloses a $150 check. She relates learning of the scholarship through a friend at her hotel.

Josie C. Bennett writes on behalf of the Women's Relief Corps with a check for 150 dollars, one scholarship, and she wishes that it will make someone happy.

Mary E. Benjamin writes of her recent appointment to the correspondence committee of the Masters School's missionary society and her excitement at learning that Martha Berry is on her new list of correspondents. Mary Benjamin particularly admires Martha Berry's work at the Berry Schools because of her Sunday school's prior correspondence with someone who worked with the mountain people of Kentucky.
She goes on to say that she believes a Masters School student is currently on scholarship at Berry and that she would like to know more about them so that her school may establish some kind of personal contact with him/her.

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