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Edith L. Huher writes to Miss Berry, telling her that she learned of The Berry Schools from Mrs. Eliz. Gutknecht, who is in her Sunday School class. Miss Huher asks Miss Berry to send her literature to present to the Committee of the Sunday School class.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Hovey literature on Berry as requested.


Emma Hopkins writes to Martha Berry to thank her for the inspiration she provides. She also gives details about a Hobby Horse race to raise money and sends names to Berry of people who might be interested in aiding the Berry Schools.

Berry asks Green to come to the school to teach the students how to produce more artistic weaving, "the kind of things that will sell."

Grable provides an address for a prospective donor, Mrs. Rex B. Clark, and reports that Mrs. Marshall Field expressed an interest in being a Pilgrim in 1929.

At the request of Erle Kauffman, several photographs of Martha Berry have been sent for publicity purposes.

E. H. Hoge, Comptroller for the Berry Schools, acknowledges Mr. Campsall's letter discussing heists and stump pullers. Hoge requests list price for the stump puller for Berry's inventory.


Miss Fink writes to Martha inquiring about information or literature about the Berry Schools.


Letter to Rife Engine Co. requesting a hydraulic ram and charts or cuts for classroom study.

Mrs. Dunn writes to donate fifty cents to the work of the Berry Schools and to ask for literature so that she could try to interest others in the Schools.


F. G. Downer writes that he noticed it had been a long time since he had donated to the Schools. He read the literature he enclosed and indicated the two girls he wanted to support.


Eugene B. Davis writes a letter to Martha Berry informing her that he still can not help with her financial situation at the Berry Schools.

This letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Crawford asks for donations for scholarships for current and future Berry students. Martha Berry also sends literature to help interest Mrs. Crawford's DAR Chapter.

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