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A thank you letter from Henry Hornblower to Martha Berry regarding receipt of a box of cotton pods from the Berry Schools during the holiday season.

Mr. Hayden's secretary writes to Martha Berry thanking her for sending a box of cotton bolls to him.

A letter sent to Martha Berry from The Davey Tree Expert Company about different tree moving companies and suggestions on how and which companies to contact for tree removal.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Furness for sending her the dresses.

Letter to Mrs. W. F. Garth from Martha Berry regretfully informing him that at this time she does not know any Berry boy that she can recommend for the place mentioned in his previous letter of the 17th.

Grace B. Hadley (G.H.) sends Martha Berry an enclosed check in the amount of $50.00. G.H. notes that the check is meant to fund a scholarship which G.H. plans to have fully funded by the end of the year. The letter is sent from 56 Baldwin St., Youngstown, Ohio.

The note to Miss Bonner asks her to acknowledge the note about a letter that has gone missing. A donation of $150 is recorded at the top with a note that Mr. Hammond read an article in the Highlander.

Letter states that Mrs. Fisher's letter arrived while Martha Berry is away from the office, and Miss Berry will handle the matter when she returns.

A letter to Martha Berry from Dorothy Wright. Dorothy was giving a gift to Martha in memory of her father who had great interest in Martha Berry's work.

This letter is from Martha Berry asking Mr. Belfield for a donation to the Berry Schools. A handwritten note from Mr. Belfield dated July 3, 1926 is on the side of the letter explaining that he has already donated and will do so again.

A Letter from Jessie S. Gibson on behalf of The Women's Association of the Buick Church to Miss Berry containing a check for $50.00 for the services provided to them by The Berry Schools.

Ms. Wainwright apologizes for being unable to attend a presentation by Martha Berry, and sends a "small check for the benefit of the Berry Schools."

Mrs. Wilcox's granddaughter had sent a gift to the schools and Martha Berry is sending a letter of appreciation back.

Mrs. Beecher's club, The Twentieth Century Book Club, sends $5 in response to an appeal letter asking for aid.

A letter from Bella S. Studt to Martha Berry regarding a donation of three dollars.

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