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Mary Powelson, secretary to Clare H. Weber, writes to thank Berry for her letter about the quilt.

Jessie asks Miss Bonner to find out whether to take a rug order from the Women's Exchange in Decatur, Georgia. Bonner's reply, typed onto Jessie's original letter, is that Miss Berry does not wish to make them a rug.

Emma L. Merrill sends Martha Berry $5.00 and asks to be sent something that the King's Daughters can sell.

Mrs. Mathewson asks Berry for a catalogue of products made by "the mountain people."


Miss Berry answers Mrs. Leeds questions concerning woven coverlets.


Martha Berry writes Helen Jones to tell her that Berry can not fulfill Jones' order for hooked rugs at this time because the girls working on them are inexperienced.


Martha Berry regretfully explains to Mrs. Johnson that her request to sell hand craft work on a commission basis cannot be filled at this time.


A letter thanking Mrs Key for a pine needle basket that was sent to the Berry Schools art department. The letter also included to check to pay Mrs Key back the postage.


Key reminds Berry that she agreed to pay postage for a sample basket, and to return the basket if she did not like it. Key has received neither postage nor basket, and asks that Berry send the money.


Berry regrets that Klamrothe's order for woven doilies was misplaced, but work will begin at once.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Johnson to inform her that the letter regarding the sale of the hand craft work from the school has arrived and will be brought to her attention when she returns.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. S. K. Wright to thank her for the bath cloth and says that she will try to get the girls to make some like it.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. L.M. Parker to find out the name and address of someone he recommended that makes rush bottom chairs. Martha Berry wants to persuade this person to come teach the Berry girls this craft.

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