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Florence G. Judd writes to thank Martha Berry for the Christmas cotton.

Mr. Hoge writes to Miss Bonner asking if she will examine the books the Schools just received.

Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Holt for a gift. She says she would love to visit, but the schools demand her attention.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Maurice Hoopes for donating a gift to keep one of her students in school. Berry explains that the student is currently in Grammar School and that she hopes to have this student graduate from High School. She then goes on to explain why Berry is a good school for young people to go to.

Mrs. Holbrook sent Miss Berry a check for $25.


Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Gardner for her donation.

Gift to Martha Berry from Anna Gisher



Martha Berry thanks Mrs Tracy for her gift to the Silver Roll, and for the work of The New York Pilgrims. She fondly remembers Mrs Tracy 's visit to Berry with the pilgrims that year

A letter from B. Bonner telling Mrs. Williams that Martha Berry wanted a reference of the 25th Anniversary to be put in the Highlander, as well as having pictures of the barracks that is being constructed be used to garner dormitory funds.

Mrs. Schriver writes to Martha telling her she wishes could give more than the 25 dollars she enclosed. She also hopes that Miss Berry's many friends will give generously and she inquires about if Martha Berry has any pamphlets about the Berry schools to send. Mrs Schriver also inquires about the dormitory that had burned the previous year.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Ross for her response to the appeal in the HIGHLANDER for help at Christmas. Mrs. Ross suggests that friends send gifts to the Berry Schools instead of giving to them. Martha Berry likes this idea and plans to suggest it next Christmas.

Mrs. Ross writes to Martha to let her know that she is asking her relatives to send gifts to a girl at the Berry School rather than to her and hope that they will be well received at the school.


Maywood Smith (Mrs. Eugene R. Smith) sends Martha Berry a parcel with gifts for Martha to distribute to the mountain children when she visits as Santa Claus. Mrs. Smith hopes that Martha Berry will be stronger and have renewed vigor this holiday season. Page two of the letter has shorthand notation.

In the first of the two letters within this set, Mrs. Roop writes about the parcel she and her husband sent of nearly new shoes to help the boys of the school. She also comments on a gift she received from two Berry School girls while they visited and requests names and information of the young ladies. In the second letter Miss Berry expresses her thanks for the shoes, and states she does not know the name of the two little girls the Roops might be referring to.

Martha Berry tells Miss Robertson that she appreciates her interest in the Berry Schools and her donations. She explains that a gift of $150 will provide for one student for a year, and that any gift will be appreciated.

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