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Mrs. DuBois sends $25 to help with rebuilding after the fire, saying that this is just a stumbling block that Miss Berry will make into a stepping stone to higher things.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mrs. L. K. Elmhirst for a donation to help pay for the dormitory that recently burned down in a fire.

A telegram sent to Martha Berry, where C. Houston Goudiss shows concern for the fire of the almost-complete Friendship dormitory that put the school behind sixty-five thousand dollars.

This letter describes how they lost one of their main dormitories at the Foundation school to a fire. They ask for donations to help rebuild the dorm.


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Mrs. A. E. Furber sends two dollars to help rebuild the Foundation School that was destroyed in the fire.

Martha Berry writes Mr. Martin to inform him of the recent fire at the Foundation School and includes information to be added into a leaflet.

Ellen D. Dodd sends a check for $10 to help towards the burned dormitory.

Hughart Laughlin is donating $200 towards rebuilding the dormitory that was lost in the fire.



Mr. Day sends a check for $25 to help rebuild the dormitory destroyed by the fire.

Gift of $500 from Mrs. Emery towards rebuilding boys' dormitory destroyed by fire.

A gift of $5.00 from Mary E. Mann for fire reconstruction

In response to a plea for help after a dormitory fire, Christina G. Kelley express her condolences and explains that, at the moment, she has very limited funds. She will, however, send what she can and encourage others to do the same.

The boys dormitory burned down and Martha Berry writes a letter to her friend in hopes of having it rebuilt by the September term.

The Goldthwaits enclose a donation following the dormitory fire.

Frank Lukens sends a small check to go towards the fire of the main dormitory. He also suggest that Martha Berry ought to send a magazine to the wealthy and charitably disposed Miss Katharine Kingsbury. He also gives her the name and address of another affluent woman who may be of assistance.


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