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$100 gift for the Mrs. Waldo Richards endowed day. Gift facilitated by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

Martha Berry appeals for scholarship funds to provide opportunities to the next generation.

Mrs. Walter G. Ladd sends $200, sent in by Mrs. Hammond for the Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards endowed day.

Martha Berry notes the passing away of Mrs. Robert Underwood Johnson and proposes having an Endowed Day in her memory. Shortly before her passing, Mrs. Johnson gave a tea in honor of Miss Berry. Miss Berry requests that Dr. Johnson visit the Berry Schools.

A recent hospitalization has left Johnson unable to make a financial gift, but he offers to participate in any readings held in support of the school in New York. Written on letterhead of the New York University Hall of Fame, of which Johnson is director.

Mrs. G. Beekman Hoppin sends $300, sent by Mrs. J. H. Hammond for Mrs. Waldo Richards' Endowed Day.

The Berry Schools write to Mrs. Hill to thank her for the gift toward the Endowed Day.

A receipt to Mrs. J.H. Hammond for $2500 for an endowed day in memory of Mrs. Waldo Richards.


Hammond inquires about the need for roofing, as she has a friend who has offered as many asbestos shingles as are needed.


E. B. Maguire encloses $225 to be added to the Endowed Day fund.

Miss Berry writes her condolences on the death of Mrs. Chas. Ford and offers the option of endowing a day in her memory.

In this letter Martha Berry talks about how excited she is to have an endowed day named after Mrs. Richards. Berry will be glad for Miss Peters to sing Wednesday evening and Miss Morgan will recite on Thursday.

Undated note showing amount collected & amount owed of $632.00.

E. B. Maguire, secretary to Mrs. Hammond, writes to Miss Berry, sends $300 for two scholarships in the name of Gertrude Moore Richards and tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Hammond is probably send more money for scholarships in surplus of the endowment fund.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation for her $2,500 donation for an endowed day.

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