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In this letter Martha Berry is asking for equipment to help the newly created forestry department. She is asking for most of it to be donated because of the dormitory fire.

A note with gift of $10 from Miss Mary E. Lewis for rebuilding of burnt dormitory

Sands encloses B.N. Duke's contribution for rebuilding the Foundation School dormitory.

In response to a plea for help after a dormitory fire, Christina G. Kelley express her condolences and explains that, at the moment, she has very limited funds. She will, however, send what she can and encourage others to do the same.

In this letter Mrs. A E Eaton sends $150 for Eugene's tuition. This was an appeal letter that Martha Berry sent out asking for money. Mrs. Eaton describes herself as "an old woman ... to be still working for my living," who does not have a lot to give but uses her tithe money for this in the name of Christianity

Martha writes to Mrs. Mead with some pictures that were made the morning she left. She tells her that the boys and girls were thrilled with her visit and mentions the dorm fire briefly.

In this letter H. B. Dillenback sends $50 for rebuilding the dormitory after the fire.

Letter to Martha Berry from T. J. Kauffman giving a donation to the schools for the dormitory that was destroyed by fire.

Bishop Freeman writes to Martha Berry with a donation and sympathy for loss due to fire. He also mentions he has learned to have a great interest in the work that Martha Berry has done at Berry through Mrs. Hammond.

In this letter Martha Berry sends some pictures from the day the New York Pilgrims left The Berry Schools. She also tells Stella about the dormitory fire and that they are trying to replace it with a fire proof dorm.

Solicitation letter returned with $5 donation after Boys Dormitory fire.

Martha Berry writes to A. B. Dick to inform him of the receipt of his generous gift of $100 and to "hasten to send my heartfelt thanks." She reflects on the great need plaguing the Schools and her summer spent trying to raise funds to rebuild the dormitory destroyed by fire. With no major contributions to this fund, she still hopes to have a roof on the incomplete building before cold weather sets in.

Thank you letter for donation on the Eagan Plan. Martha reminds reader of being encouraged by her best and first friends. Mentions boys dorm fire causing boys to live in tents til new quarters are built.

Anna Kendall writes to Martha with a check from a DAR Chapter to help with the rebuilding of a new dorm.

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