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Anne Stevens Woodruff donates $150 to The Berry Schools with the note "Best New Years Wishes".

Mrs. William Wood donates $1000 to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Harriet E. Warnock sends $150.00 for the scholarship of a student of the Berry Schools.

Julia M. Stout encloses a check for $5 as a Christmas donation to The Berry Schools.

Donation letter to help offset the cost of replacing the Boys Dormitory that burned.

Marie Meyer is writing Miss Berry on behalf of the Round Table Club to say that they donated 10 dollars.

This is a letter to Ms. Berry from the Simmons Company with a donation to the schools enclosed.

Donation letter from Evelyn Price on Hotel Grafton stationary.

A story is told about Eugene and his struggles to attend school. Mrs. Sherlock sends a donation of $100.

This is a letter from Ms. Pierrepont with a donation of $15.00 inside. Wish Berry and the school a peaceful and happy Christmas.

This is a letter to Ms. Berry with an $150.00 donation enclosed from Frances Owen and Mrs. Edwin

A note acknowledging (on June 5, 1926) that Marcus M. Munsil? has contributed $25 towards rebuilding the dorm at the Foundation School (Friendship Hall).

A note from Elsie McNichol to the Berry Schools stating that she cannot give a gift of $150. She is sending what she can (unknown amount.)

A letter to Mrs. Lawrence thanking her for her donation of $150 for a scholarship and establishment of other yearly scholarships as well. Mrs. Lawrence returned the letter with her understanding of the agreement.

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