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A thank you letter to Martha Berry for a package she sent to Alexander Coburn Soper.

Laura Smith thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received at Christmas. She also sends a check for $100.


Emily writes to Martha informing her of the package that she found of cotton at her house after returning to her home after three years.


Louise B. Scott writes with a contribution of 250 dollars for the school and thanks for the Christmas cotton.

Mrs. Ross writes to Martha to thank her for the cotton, and in turn sending a box of pictures for the children she remembers Martha asking for before. Mrs. Ross also advises Martha to remove the New York address as she believes that her name is listed twice in the Berry's address lists.

Roop sends a contribution for the gymnasium, mentioning that it made her sad to see, during her visit to the school, where the students played.

Mr. Rollins thanks Miss Berry for sending his family a box of cotton blossoms for Christmas.

William A. Rogers writes to thank Martha Berry for sending cotton bolls from the Berry Schools.


Evelyn Price sends a donation of $150 and a thank you note for a gift of cotton.

Thank you letter for cotton with buds sent to her grandchildren in New York and Long Island.

Phipps thanks Berry for the cotton sent to Mr. Phipps. She missed seeing Berry's sister in New York and wonders if Berry heard that Emily Vanderbilt Hammond is going to England for the birth of her grandchild. On stationery from Villa Artemis, home of Amy Phipps Guest.

Miss. M. Alda Perry discussing used stockings that could be used in making the mountain children stuffed dolls & animals. She also discusses the use of cotton bolls in her Christmas Sunday School.

Mrs. Paige thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and informs her that she will be sending a $150.00 scholarship check soon.



Mary Ober thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and sends a $100.00 donation to the Berry Schools in return.


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