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Martha writs to Mr. McWane glad that he will be able to be at the next trustee's meeting and hopes he and his wife will come for Commencement in April.

Henderson apologizes for having asked that Martha Berry sign a note for her. She does not plan to return to live in Rome, but will see Bonner at the next commencement.

Letter to Mrs. Hammond stating that Miss. Berry is away for a week or slightly longer as a rest after commencement and before summer term begins. She will respond to her when she can.

Martha writes with a thanks and receipt for the gift from Mr. Hassman. She also mentions that she hopes that Mrs. DeLaittre will visit the schools on a trip to the south when the Trustees meet at Commencement time.

Gladys Copeland sends her thanks to Miss Berry and her co-workers for the reception at the Commencement for the alumni and speaks of how much she enjoyed her time there.

Frank expresses his regret about missing Miss Berry's visit to Aiken because of a previous engagement. He says she must realize what he's been telling her and that she cannot to expect him to "run about" like he's a younger man. He says that they both do what no one else can do for them and be content where they are.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. William O. Campbell in thanks for her generous gift.

Martha Berry writes to her sister Frances of all of her upcoming commitments, including two weddings and Commencement. If it is convenient, she plans to visit Frances as soon after Commencement as she can.

Charles Proctor writes a long letter to Martha Berry talking about fund raising, recruiting a resident dentist for the Berry Schools, a plan to build the endowment, the upcoming Berry commencement and the birthday gift Mr. Proctor received from the boys at Berry.

Mr. Lingle writes Miss Berry to accept her invitation to attend Berry's commencement but regrets that he'll have to leave quickly because he had to prepare for a board meeting.

A letter to Martha Berry thanking her for an invitation to a commencement sermon from the General Assembly's Training School for Lay Workers.

Martha Berry sends a letter asking if Dr. Lingle will come and preach a commencement sermon at Berry college.

Letter to Dr. W. L. Lingle from Martha Berry informing him that she is delighted to hear that he will join them for their commencement sermon. Miss Berry asks him to inform her as to when he will be arriving so that someone can meet him. She also asks him to stay longer than just Sunday. She thanks him again for coming in her conclusion.

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