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A letter of thanks for the donation $200.00 from the Charles M. Cox Trust Fund. She goes on to thank him and tell him the meaning of the donation and how she feels about the importance of the work going on there at Berry. She concludes with hopes of him coming for a visit to see the effects of the hard work the students are doing at Berry.

Miss Berry thanks Matthew Bullock for the list of Charles M Cox Trust trustees.

This is a thank you letter to Mr. Gilroy regarding Mr. Cox's $200 donation from his estate. Martha Berry also invites Mr. Gilroy to visit the Berry Schools whenever he's in the area.

M.S.H. Bowles asks to hear about a student named Sam because she has donated money on this student's behalf.

Martha Berry sends thanks for the gift and enclosed pamphlet from the United States Unit of Service of 'A Call to all Men and Women of Goodwill in all parts of the World' sent to her from Mrs. Cowl. Miss Berry goes on to describe the weather and happenings at Berry.

Miss Berry offers her sympathy to Mr Richard Courts on the death of his father.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. and Mrs. Couch for their Christmas donation.

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