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Mrs. Eller writes to Martha asking to meet with her the next time she is on the Mountain about getting her son in school.

Berry learned of Osborn's love of trees from Mrs. E.P. Mallory, and invites Osborn to make an appearance at the Berry Schools to talk to the boys and girls.

Mildred Oliver confirms that she and the boys will be visiting Berry on May 5th.


Martha Berry is writing to Fanny Morris, who has recently fallen ill, offering her condolences. She says she thinks often of Miss Morris, her sister, and Mrs. Rice.



In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Naegle that she left the pictures with McCrary and Co. in Atlanta. She also tells him that he should come visit Sunday the 26th and to bring Mrs. Naegle and any other friends who are interested.

Miss Rose M. Munger sends $50.00 for the third installment of her scholarship pledge. She also thanks Martha Berry for the invitation to visit the Berry Schools.


In this letter Martha Berry is pleased Erwin Holt and his wife are planning to visit Chapel Hill on June 10th. She plans to stop and visit when she motors through Burlington.

Students from the Crew Street School write to Bessie sorry to hear that Martha can not see them herself and ask if it would be possible for them to see the school on some Saturday in Feb. as they are studying Georgia that month.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. and Mrs. MacBriar for the gift she left when she visited Berry.

Martha Berry apologizes for missing Mrs. McNally's call in New York and expresses the pleasure she found in meeting her.

S. W. McGill writes to The Schools, not knowing if Miss Berry is home. He asks if it would be possible for him, his friends, and Mrs. McGill to visit The Schools on February 22. There is a handwritten note on the back of the paper, saying that due to previous engagements, Miss Berry will be unable to see the McGills. The writer says that they would be glad to have the visitors anytime after Sunday. This note is transferred to type on the front of the paper, marking it as a telegram.

Mr. McGill writes to tell Martha Berry he is sorry that he was not able to accept her invitation to visit The Berry Schools. He mentions that if she is in Atlanta in the near future he would be glad to see her. He also gives the address for the campaign for the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur.

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