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The Hoehlers send that they wish they could have been there for the anniversary celebration, but were held up by rain.

B. M. Hall wires Martha Berry to inform her of Hall's upcoming arrival by Southern Railroad.

Hammond asks Berry to wire Mrs. Robert Durges and about her travel arrangements.


A telegram to Adele Hammond from Martha Berry, congratulating Miss Hammond and sending her their "united prayers."

Mr. Woodruff, a manager at Western Union writes Miss Berry to discuss the delivery status of two telegrams she had sent to Seymour M. Stone.

Seymore telegram's Martha having heard nothing about the portrait and to tell him what she could afford for portrait.

George Petrie sends a telegram to Professor Skinner to say that he is greatly distressed to learn about the loss of the dormitory and asks Professor Skinner to express his sympathy to Miss Berry. A handwritten note at the bottom denotes George Petrie as the Dean of Auburn.

A telegram sent to Martha Berry, where C. Houston Goudiss shows concern for the fire of the almost-complete Friendship dormitory that put the school behind sixty-five thousand dollars.

Inquiry for placement of orphan girl with offer of assistance.

The Lister Carlisles send Christmas greetings to all at the Berry Schools.

Telegram to Martha Berry from A. J. Ammons wishing her a happy birthday from the South Georgia Berry Club.

Emily Hammond thanks Berry for the recent correspondence. Hammond hopes that the destoryed dormitory was insured.


Martha Berry thanks Hammond for her recent telegram and informs her that the damaged dormitory was partially insured.


Emily Hammond advises Martha Berry not to accept any offers from Mr. Tressier and asks Miss Berry to come to Mount Kisco for a week before going to Chicago.


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