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Almena Gray donates $150.00 towards a scholarship.

Grable comments on the recent issue of the Southern Highlander and suggests that a prospective donor, Ellen Scripps, be added to the mailing list. Grable encloses a partial payment of her scholarship commitment and sends thanks for hospitality shown the 1928 Pilgrims. An annotation on the letter indicates that Scripps is quite wealthy but has not contributed to the school.

Mrs. Gibson sends $12.00 to the Berry Schools from Mrs. Glenn's Bible Class.

Letter deferring a $25 donation until August 1928.

Mr. Gibson sends a donation of $150 to be used as a scholarship for one of Berry's students.

Top half lists The Board of Trustees. The bottom half gives a donor various choices for application of their donation. This form designated a $150 gift for current expenses of the School

Mrs. Fearn sends a check for $100 for a scholarship in memory of her son Edward Royde Fearn.

Fearn completes payment for a scholarship in memory of her "dear boy" Edward Royde Fearn and encloses money for flowers to be placed in the room dedicated to his memory on his birthday.

Corresponding Secretary Ella Hendrickson sends notification that Class Twenty-One of the Central Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY has decided to fund a scholarship.

In this letter Miss Kate W Chambers writes to submit three scholarships, one for the orphan girl for $250 and two more for $200 each for the little orphan boys of Berry; She thanks Miss Berry for the cake she sent at Christmas and wishes her well.

This is a letter of gratitude from Martha Berry thanking Dr. Carpenter for the scholarship money that she sent. Miss Berry also mentions how helpful clothing donations can be.

Dr. Carpenter encloses a contribution for her sister Julia's scholarship. She reminds Berry that she has offered a winter coat for a teacher quoted in the Highlander as not having had a new one in nine years.

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