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Mary Bailey Moores sends an $150 scholarship donation.

A donation card from Mrs. William L. McKee with $150.00 enclosed to go to scholarships at The Berry Schools.

Wright Ludvigton sends 150 dollars to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry answers Loomis's questions about his desire to grant a student a scholarship, explaining that it is better not to have a scholarship go to a particular student. Berry thanks Loomis for the pails of candy he sent for Christmas.

Mrs. Lockwood and her sister send money for a scholarship totaling $300.

Archibald R. Livingston encloses a check for $150.00 as scholarship money to be applied to The Berry Schools.

Helen writes to Martha with her contribution to a Berry Scholarship, and writes about her joy and time she spent with Martha at Berry.

Emma Hopkins writes to Martha Berry to share how much she enjoyed her pilgrimage to Berry. She expresses how she wishes to endow a scholarship day for the Hopkins School after being inspired by a talk with Mrs. Hammond and a Berry Birthday dinner given at the Hotel Roosevelt.

Letter asks the friend to fund a scholarship in the name of their mother. Recipient funded a $2500 scholarship in honor of her mother.

Mrs. Helms donates a $150 annual scholarship to the Berry Schools.

This is a one hundred and fifty dollar scholarship.

$150 for a scholarship from Mrs. Morris Hawkes.

Mrs. Guthrie writes to Martha wishing to help fund a student, at least partially through schooling at Berry. While she asks if there is a single student that she can help, the school replies that it is best to give each child the same change in getting through schooling, and that they would still happily accept any funds that she sends.

Information requested on scholarship for girl student for 9 month term.


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