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Martha Berry writes a letter to Mrs. John Emory Hour giving thanks for a donation to the Berry School and provides her with an update on its progress.

Martha Berry sends this letter to thank Mrs. Andrews for her donation to the schools. Then she says that the spring semester is going well and that her donation will help out greatly. This letter was written on the back of a "begging letter."

General letter to those who gave anniversary gifts to the Berry Schools for the 25th anniversary.

In this mail out, Martha Berry asks for donations to the school; especially the one hundred fifty dollars, it takes to fund a student for a year.

Martha Berry is writing this letter to ask for money for the schools for their 25th anniversary. Mr. Dean seems to be a mutual friend of both Miss Berry and Mr. Pratt and he had donated money to the schools before. Miss Berry's mother had just passed and she hadn't been able to get donations for the schools however she knew that Mr. Dean would help had he been alive still. Therefore, she asks for help from Mr. Pratt.

Thank you letter for a gift of $1,000. Miss Berry also discusses her "silver wedding with the Berry Schools" and invites Miss White to visit the schools.

Anna is writing Miss Berry to inform her of her sister Mary's death the year prior. She is also stating that she will continue to donate to Miss Berry's school on her sister's behalf and thanks her for her great work.

Mr. Stetson is thanking Miss Berry for a small box of cotton that she sent him.

Martha Berry writes this letter to Miss Jessie Ross to tell her to not let anyone from Rome, Georgia into the Sunshine Cottage unless they have written permission or are accompanied by office staff.

A letter to Martha Berry from Edith Oliver Rea explaining her inability to make a trip to see Berry School, and the hardship of raising money. Mrs. Rea sent a check for $100.00 in hopes that it would help.

Mr Moot tells Martha Berry that he used an eloquent excerpt from her letter in a speech he made at UNY, Buffalo about educational work. Martha Berry wrote about the investment in education bringing a 100% return.

A follow-up letter from H. E. Manville of Johns-Manville Corporation to Martha Berry regarding confirmation of Shingle order.

Mrs. Matthews asks Miss Berry if the school can make her feathers into a fire screen instead of the fans her friend Mrs. Frank Inman purchased if she sends them right away.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Leng

Letter responds to Miss Berry's letter from February 2nd by informing Miss Berry that Miss Laughlin is having a rest in California so Miss Berry's letter won't be brought to Miss Laughlin's attention until her return home.

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