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Martha Berry thanks Dr. Sheldon from the gifts to Berry and expresses hopes that the school may continue to serve the boys and girls.

This letter to Mrs. Elisha Whittelsey from Miss Martha Berry thanks her for sending the boys and girls at Berry a gift. She also thanks her for the lavender soap. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Whittelsey where she can purchase the lavender soap because she'd like to keep a supply of it on hand.

A letter to Mrs. Laura M. White from The Berry Schools thanking Mrs. White for her gift and discussing an imminent visit. This letter was written on the back of an appeal letter to friends of the Schools for names of prospective new friends.

Martha Berry thanks Hugh Smythe for a gift that Smythe sent to Berry. This gift was received on the occasion of the Silver Anniversary for Berry. Berry encourages Smythe to come visit the Berry schools as part of her thank you letter to them.

Mr. William A. Parker donates $10 to the Berry Schools for its Silver Anniversary. Miss Berry hopes this Silver Anniversary will be her greatest as she does not look to be here for her Golden.

Alice V. Morris writes Martha Berry thanking her for the lavender.

Martha writes to Miss Moore thanking her for the gift that she sent in her last letter. She hopes that Miss Moore is enjoying her new work and reminds Miss Moore that any donation of clothes or gifts would be greatly received.

List of those to receive special gifts for Christmas.

A Christmas greeting and notification about gifts from the Liggett School to Berry.

A thank you letter to Miss Berry from Ella J. Kellem for a gift of cotton blooms which she gave to her grandchildren to take to their Natural History classes.

Charlotte writes on behalf of her mother to thank Miss Berry for the jelly for her mother and the lavender sachet she received at Christmas.

Walter Johnson writes to the Berry Schools and sends with the letter a check for 150 dollars.

F. Coit Johnson writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton.



Alice S. Kirkpatrick writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton, and reports that her husband Mr. M.L. Kirkpatrick died in November. Mrs. Kirkpatrick regrets that she will not be able to continue Mr. Kirkpatrick's practice of giving to Berry.

Margaret H. Kruke thanks Martha Berry for the calendar she received. In return, she sends a box of used clothing. She also offers her services as a teacher.



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