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Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Etzel for her gift to the schools.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. d' Emden for the gift she sent Berry, as so many children wish to attend, but cannot without the help of others.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Edgar thanking her for the gift of her own earnings. Miss Berry says that she has a warm spot in her heart for everyone associated with the Spence School. She also talks about how pleasant their Christmas was and expresses her hope that the New Year is full of blessings for Miss Edgar.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Drew for her kind gift as it helps her to do her job in a better manner.

Anne Douglas thanks Martha Berry for the sachet she sent.

Grace Dodge thanks Martha Berry for the gift she has received.



Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Dodge for her generous gift.

Martha Berry thanks Miss DeWolf for the furniture she sent and hopes she will come visit Berry.

Martha Berry is thanked for sending a thoughtful gift.

Mrs. Davison thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas gift she sent and encloses a check.

Martha Berry thanks the Davis Brothers for the gift they sent to Berry

Martha Berry thanks Miss Cyrus for the gift she sent.



The Berry Schools thank Mr. Cutting for his extremely generous donation while in Martha Berry's absence.

Mrs. Curry sends a small donation to aid a young child.



Mrs. Crouch encloses a check to help The Berry Schools.

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