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Martha Berry expresses her appreciation to Mrs. Bacon for her gift in memory of Mrs. Marquand that will endow June 5th.

A letter thanking Mrs. Lapham for her gift towards the Endowed Day for the deceased Mrs. Richards.

Letter to Mrs. Henry White from The Berry Schools informing her that Mrs. Hammond forwarded her endowment of $2500 to commemorate her husband's birthday. They assure her of Miss Berry's gratitude and appreciation of the gift and assure her that she will receive a personal thank you from Miss Berry. They also inform her that her receipt is enclosed.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Stewart for endowing a day in her husbands name.

Mrs Stewart wrote this note to go with her payment. $1530.00 for thebalance for an endowed Day for her husband David Stewart and $50.00 for two quilts.

The Berry schools write to Mrs. Stuart with receipts for the donations that she sent while Martha is away from the schools.

Schieffelin writes in thanks for a wonderful visit to Berry and reports on her trip to Vanderbilt University with Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, where Hammond spoke about the schools and recited poetry. A handwritten note adds thanks for Berry's letter about the endowed day for Schieffelin's daughter.

Nevins reports on the new heater being installed in her home and encloses a contribution for Nevins Day.

Miss Berry ask if Mr. J.P. Morgan would like to endow a memory of his mother for the Berry Schools. She also asks about the Mary and John Markle Fund.

In this letter John Markle encloes two thousand five hundred dollars in the memory of his wife to endow a day.

This is documentation of a gift sent from Mrs. Robert McKelvy to Mrs. Hammond and then to The Berry Schools for Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards Endowed Day.

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