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Gift given by Miss Elizabeth Gerard for the Emily V Hammond Scholarship She praises Mrs Hammond's character.

A letter thanking Miss Van Rensselear for her donation to the Emily V. Hammon Scholarship Fund.

A thank you letter for forwarding a donation check from a Mrs. Kinney in addition to mourning for some lost friends of Berry.

A letter to Mr. Hoge asking to acknowledge a donation made to the Berry Schools from Henry R. Sedgwick. Roger via Mrs. John Henry Hammond.


A letter asking for scholarship donations so children can stay at Berry over the summer.

She thanks Mrs. Robert B. Haines and her husband for their recent visit to Berry and the address they gave the students that was very interesting. She writes of her hopes of their continued financial help because of their recent financial hardships that is making her fear having to send some away because of the lack of funds to support all the students.

A letter accompanying a check of $300, half of which for a scholarship for a girl, Caroline, and the other half for another scholarship of Berry's choice.

A thank you letter for the gift of 30 pounds of woolen blanket remnants and an invitation to come visit Berry's campus whenever is convenient.

A thank you letter to Mrs. Greene for her donation to the scholarship fund at Berry.

Letter explains why contribution is not more. Mrs. Gutherie makes contribution

An inquiry about whether the Berry Schools use old silk stockings to make rugs

A letter thanking Mrs. Gray for her donation to help build a house for a nurse and farm supervisor at Possum Trot.

Donation letter from Hariette Syms wishing Martha Berry success and riches, also she talks about her adoration for the Highlander.

A letter asking for a donation from M. Allen Starr, to which he responds with a donation of $100.

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