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A reply sent in Martha Berry's absence to Reed's letter about a bequest from her husband. Although a scholarship in her husband's name is a possibility, the preference is for bequests to be placed in the endowment fund.

Reed inquires about the best use of a $1,000 bequest to the school from her husband.

Mr Peber writes about a letter that he has just received from Miss Berry that had followed his movements from here to there

A letter from Marjorie Rawson to Martha Berry regarding a donation of twenty-five dollars toward the Berry Schools.

A letter written by Hugh Rankin of New York to the Berry Schools inquiring about a package of clothing he had sent previously by parcels post. Mr. Rankin requests confirmation that the Berry School received the package.

Mrs. Randolf encloses a $150 check to help some child get a start in life.



Miss Berry thanks Mr. Purves for his gift and invites him to visit the schools, explaining the goals of the schools.

Charles writes to Martha with a donation from one of his patients. He also mentions to Martha he will sending a box of clothing in a few days.

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