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Thank you note for a gift Martha Berry sent to B.? Blanchard, presumably from New York City, New York. Address at top of stationary is 100 Central Park South. Mentions a birthday dinner that raised $11,000.00. Emily Hammond is named in the note as a hostess at a Christmas gathering.

Belden had hoped to visit Berry while she was in Florida in December, but was unable to find train service. She sends thanks for the cotton.

This is a confirmation letter from Alan Wilson to Miss Berry about a package of cotton blooms which Miss Berry sent to him.

Emily M. Wheelers thanks Miss Berry for her gift of cotton and informs her that she gave part of it to a kindergarten for Italian children and part to a kindergarten for Russian and Jewish children. She then wishes Miss Berry the best of the season.


Flora C. White writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton and talks of thinking of Berry as she traveled through Georgia after staying with her brother in Palm Beach. She gives a hurricane as the reason for not being able to make a contribution.

Mrs. Watson thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton balls and says she showed them off to her friends. She also tells Martha Berry that she is leaving for California in a day to visit her two sons.

Letter written to Miss Berry from Elizabeth Walbridge wishing her a Merry Christmas, and thanking her for the box of cotton she sent her.

Annie Thorp writes Martha Berry to thank her for the gift of cotton balls and to discuss the warm winter she was experiencing in Cambridge, MA.

Taft thanks Miss Berry of thinking about him and for sending him cotton plants. He explains that he just got back from Florida but he's surprised that cotton can grow in such cold country and says that St. Augustine reminds him of Connecticut.

Stoddard sends thanks for the Christmas cotton.


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