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Martha Berry expresses her desire that Mary would have waited to get married until after graduation. She also asks Mary to continue to write and be involved in the Berry Schools, especially with the girls of Faith Cottage.

Letter thanks Judge Cooper for the clothes he sent, and confirms that the address he sent them to is correct.

Frank Cooper sends a box of clothing to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry assures Mrs. Croomes that the school received her gift of clothing and that her acknowledgement letter must have been lost in the mail. She also informs Mrs. Croomes that they are happy to accept monetary donations at any time of the year, but they do not give gifts of money to the students. In addition, Miss Berry tells her that a one hundred and fifty dollar donation will keep a student in school for a year.

Comes sends some clothing that the children can use

Mrs. Cooley says that she has sent a box of clothes to the Berry Schools and asks Miss Berry to tell her when she receives it.


Dean of Women sent out a catalogue of expense for Velma, adding that she still needs a uniform and vest.

This is a thank you note to Mrs. Anspach for all her donations to The Berry Schools. The letter explains how clothing donations are sold in the school store to mountain people for a very small sum.

This is a letter that was written from the Berry schools to thank Mrs. Amos for sending them packages of clothing for the students.

Letter describes why promised things were not sent for Christmas and promises other apparel will be sent soon.

Wheeler sends notice of the shipment of clothing, shoes, and children's books, on behalf of the Portville Missionary Society.

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