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Mrs. Robinson writes to inquire about reserving an endowed day in honor of her brother, having donated $1000 in the past and having expressed interest in making additional contributions.

Mrs. Robinson writes to ask for a copy of the Southern Highlander and other literature in order to pique the interest of a friend of hers with a lot of money and time.

A request for copies of the Southern Highlander.

The Library of Congress requests copies of the Southern Highlander from Autumn 1928 for inclusion in their collection.

Letter to Charles W. Northrop from The Berry Schools informing him that Miss Berry will attend to his letter after she returns from her absence. In the meantime they offer to send him some literature on the schools, The Highlander, that they hope he will be interested to read. They also offer that maybe he would be willing to help the schools in one of the ways suggested by the highlander. They also state they would be happy if he were to visit when he was in the vicinity.

Mr. Anderson requests for certain volumes of the Southern Highlander as the NY Public Library lacks them in their collection.

The US Post Office writes to the Berry Schools with a list of names that were deliverable of the southern highlander.

Miss Myers sends $10 to support a student at Berry and says she enjoys reading Southern Highlander and prays for their needs.

Sent copies of the Southern Highlander and described the continued need for support from the DAR.


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