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Berry regrets that Miss Armes was not able to visit during the last few days of school, but says that perhaps she might come later. She also writes that she is anxious to get the Pictorial Review Award this year, but that she'll need Neal's help.

Because there have been many people who have recently relocated, Martha Berry writes to Cora Neal asking for a telephone directory of New York City. Several letters sent from the school have been returned.

Egbert Gillis Handy, the associate editor of the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, would like Miss Martha Berry to schedule an appointment with him. The editorial office he works for is earnest to complete Miss Berry's biography for the cyclopedia, and he finds it most desirable if they both meet in person.

Martha writes to Dr. Moody to ask him if she would fill out the recommendation blank for the pictorial review.

In this letter Martha Berry asks Mrs. Milton for a recommendation for the Pictorial Review Award.

Milton discusses the Pictorial Review Award application, advising that the best approach is to get close to the judges. She mentions her own health problems and Jennie Berry's marriage to Enrico Ruspoli.

Mr. Holt suggests to Miss Berry that she should sign the contract with Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Co. of Davenport, Florida for 1929. He also mentions the wonderful publicity Miss Berry would receive from the Pictorial Review, as well as the flu he and his wife managed to escape. He discusses, moreover, the terrible state of his business, but he feels as if the year was his happiest and his healthiest. He continues with his memories of Teddy Roosevelt and the election of 1912, where he hopes that the "art of forgetting" will come in handy. He also sends Miss Berry a dozen copies of Rev. Shoemaker's The Religion that Counts since he is worried that the Church is moving more towards Rome as it did in England.

Erwin A. Holt writes to Miss Edith Johnson, librarian of Berry's Memorial Library, about his donation of some copies of Reverend Shoemaker's book "The Religion That Works". He also says that he has sent an article from the Charlotte Observer that featured Miss Berry and requests folders relative to Miss Berry from Edith Johnson.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Dr. Kelly that she would like to see him while he is in Knoxville. She also asks him to fill out a recommendation for the Pictorial Review Award.

Martha Berry thanks Dr. Kelly for filling out a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Award.

Mrs. Jones congratulates Miss Berry on her Pictorial Review Award and reminds her of their meeting on a train.

Miss Berry asks Dr. Johnson whether she knows if Dr. Kellogg is currently at home so she can travel to Battle Creek and ask him to endorse some recommendations for the Pictorial Review Award. Dr. Johnson responds, stating that Dr. Kellogg will be home all summer and that she has arranged suitable accomodations for her if she decides to visit.

Martha writes to Mrs. Inman asking if she would fill out the recommendation blank for the Pictorial Award.

Martha writes to Clark to thank him for the help with with Pictorial Award. She also writes about publicity to be conservative about it, due to a New York paper that hurt the feelings of some of the graduates.

Harrison is responding to Berry that he is honored to write her a recommendation for the Pictorial Review award for 1927.

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