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Berry writes to Ladd of the death of their friend Estelle Whitfield and encloses a clipping about the wedding of her niece Marian Berry to Prince Sigismondo Chigi. She reports that her sister, Princess Ruspoli (Eugenia/Jennie Berry) suggested that a $10,000 wedding gift would be appropriate.


Berry remembers her visit with Ladd fondly, commenting on Ladd's loveliness. She plans to order the piano for Lemley soon, which the boys think is wonderful.

Martha writes to express her appreciation for the library and to update her on life at the Berry Schools. She speaks of living in a small log cabin on campus and loving watching the girls come and go. She also speaks of maybe installing a radio into Lemley.

Martha Berry writes that she was delighted to receive a letter in Ladd's own handwriting and that she imagines Ladd's beautiful smile. Berry thanks Ladd for her friendship and contributions. She speaks of the library that they donated and boxes of candy that they sent to the students who in return sent them to their younger siblings. She wishes recovery and good health for Mr. Ladd.

Martha Berry has been much in Ladd's thoughts, but Christmas commitments, deaths and illness in the family, and her own serious kidney attack have prevented her from writing. She knows Berry understands, but wanted this time to write in her own hand. [pages out of order]

Mr. Kast thanks Martha Berry for the woven, linen scarf she sent from Berry.


Lists of people receiving presents (fruit cakes, angel food cakes, lavender bags, paper knives, candy) from the Berry Schools at Christmas in 1927.

Mrs. Walter G. Ladd sends $200, sent in by Mrs. Hammond for the Mrs. Waldo Pratt Richards endowed day.

A personal letter from Martha Berry to Kate Macy Ladd, expressing sadness about her mother's death and telling of the difficulties ahead in settling her estate. Berry provides a moving description of how much the students appreciated the Christmas candy Ladd sent, and describes the scene in Memorial Library, which was funded by Ladd.

Letter to Mrs. Walter G. Ladd from Martha Berry concerning the interests, or land, around the Berry homestead. Miss Berry informs Mrs. Ladd that she has succeeded in getting six of the eight trusts surround the homestead and that she will try and get the other two but that her sister owns them and they might have to be sold at the public sale. Miss Berry knows that Mrs. Ladd is interested in the schools and is therefore writing her about it. Miss Berry also informs Mrs. Ladd that she hopes Mr. Ladd can come to visit the schools on his next visit south.

Kate Ladd asks for the number of students at Berry so she may do the Christmas order.

Martha Berry thanks Ladd for her recent correspondence. She confides to Ladd that she misses her mother, but is thankful that she passed away with little suffering. She thanks the Ladds for endowing Memorial Library, and expresses hope for their improved health.

Berry describes the 25th anniversary celebration for the Berry Schools. She hopes to see Ladd when she visits New York and asks that Ladd mark her letters "personal" so that she will have the joy of opening them herself.

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