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A letter authored by Martha Berry sent out requesting any monetary donations to aid in the rebuilding of the main dormitory at the Foundation School, which burned down. The dormitory housed seventy-five boys and they were hoping to have it built and ready for the opening term, September 1st.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Emily O. Butler about a donation to rebuild the main dormitory at the Foundation School that was lost by fire.

Martha Berry writes to the teachers and boys of The Foundation School thanking them for their gifts and donations toward the new dormitory.

A letter from Martha Berry, possibly a copy letter sent to multiple people, asking for money to help rebuild the main dormitory after it burned down.

Letter to Wm Jenkins from Martha Berry informing her that they lost, by fire, the main dormitory at the Foundation School which housed seventy-five boys. She states that it must be rebuilt immediately to accommodate the boys at the beginning of the term on September 1st. She asks if they will come to the aide of the schools so as not to let the boys who want an education down. She says that a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you letter for a two check donation for the burned building and the prize money.

Berry asks if Hamrick could send a boy or two to be fitted with donated clothes, so their picture may be taken and sent to Mr. McClain, the man who donated the clothing.

Martha Berry writes to Grady Hamrick with specific instructions on what part of the plumbing is his responsibility, along with what needs to be chlorinated.

Martha Berry lets her friend know that the school just lost their main dormitory in a fire. She is looking for any help she can get to rebuild the dormitory, this time making it fire-proof, so that the boys will be able to continue their education.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for a recent contribution. Martha Berry is worried that the school has gotten some negative publicity lately for having well-known donors and other donors have started sending their money elsewhere. Berry also mentions that her mother and her "old black Mammy" aren't very well, so she tries to stay close to the schools.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond to tell her that newest boys' dormitory has just burnt down. The boys had not even moved into the building yet. Berry encloses pictures taken of the Pilgrims and one of the boys. She is glad to have Hammond's gift for the Gymnasium and reports that news from Mr. Ochs about the Campaign is sometimes discouraging.


This document is the program of events for the Pilgrims' visit to The Berry Schools. It includes the dates of the visit and the many events that will occur.

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