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Mrs. Emma Hunt sends $150 on behalf of herself and her sister for a one year scholarship in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Howells for his gift to the Berry Schools during its anniversary. His donation was recieved right after the burning of the boys dormitory.

Martha writes to Miss Hedges to thank her for the Anniversary gifts that were sent to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Mary M. Hooker thanks Martha Berry for sending her the Berry Schools calendar. She also congratulates her on the 25th anniversary of the Berry Schools and sends a check along with well wishes.

Alice D. Jones responds for Senator William J. Harris of Georgia to an invitation from Martha Berry for the Senator to attend the Berry Schools' 25th anniversary celebration.

Wm. C. Royer is expressing gratitude towards an invite, extended by Miss Berry, for the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the school.

Erwin Holt writes Martha Berry to update her on his activities. He congratulates her on the 25th Anniversary of the school and commiserates over the fire at Crozer Hall. He also pledges to send a $200 donation on April 20.

Edith V. Holdstock writes that she is thankful for the invitation to the 25th Anniversary Celebration but regrets that she cannot come. She sends her donation to the Endowment Fund.

Martha writes to the Hoge children to thank them for their gift for the 25th anniversary that they saved up to give to the school.

Carrie H. Hale writes in thanks for the 25th anniversary calendar and encloses a contribution of $6.25 - 25 cents for each year.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ford saying that she would be glad to have her visit Berry over the summer.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation for her $2,500 donation for an endowed day.

Miss N. George sends Martha Berry a check for $5 to help "Elizabeth" and congratulates Martha Berry on the school's 25th anniversary.

Mr. Walker writes to Martha Berry that he and Mr. Romefelt currently plan to be present for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Berry Schools.

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