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Berry writes to Cannon requesting that she visits the School when she is nearby at Oglethorpe College.

Berry writes that she is just back from Mentone and has received an invitation to visit Mrs. Ford. She asks Campbell's plans and says they must go some place together.

Martha Berry thanks the Graves for their message on Founder's Day and expresses hope that they will visit for commencement or any time that they can. She concludes by wishing them a happy New Year.

Martha Berry writes to both men about the possibility of Dr. Graves visiting Berry. She says that it would be an inspiration to her students to hear him speak.

Martha writes to Lt. Commander Sousa about visiting the Berry School while he is in Rome on October 29th, they would be happy to furnish transportation for him and any member of his organization. She also encloses literature with the letter about the Berry Schools.

Gertrude Ruhnka sends a donation of $20 in grateful response to her uplifting experience with the Schools.

This letter thanks Mr. Richardson for his generous gift which came at a good time. It also invites him to take a visit soon to Berry.

Martha writes to Mrs. Rea glad that she will visit the Berry Schools on her visit to Florida.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Purves for his gift and invites him to visit the schools, explaining the goals of the schools.

Martha writes to Waldo to say she is sorry to hear he was ill in Boston and hopes he is better. She also hopes that he and Mrs. Pratt will visit Berry when they come south.

Martha writes to Mrs. Poste to tell her that she would be glad to have her visit.


Martha Berry thanks Mr. Pollocks for his timely gift. She says that he and his wife have been "such dear friends" to Berry over the years. Miss Berry expresses her pleasure at having seen the Pollocks and invites them to visit again.

A thank you letter from Martha Berry to Clarence Poe regarding receipt of his application and note of good wishes.

In this letter the Berry Schools thanks Mrs. Paul for her donations and invite her and her mother to come visit.


This is a letter to Mr. Elliott from Martha Berry letting him know the dates she will be available in Rome to see him.

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