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Martha Berry sent this letter to Annie Houghton to thank her for her monetary contributions to Berry Schools.

This letter informs Hammond that the Berry Schools sent Mrs. Jno Turner Atterbury a letter to thank her for her donation.

Berry tells Hammond that she is grateful for Mrs. Anthony's $150 donation. Pilgrim Hall is progressing and the boys are working at the Foundation School in the hot sunshine "with shirts off and backs and arms brown with sunburn" happy to have their new dormitory.

Letter from Berry thanking Mrs. Wyant, the Treasurer of the National Society Daughter's of the American Revolution. for donations totaling $105 from various chapters.

This letter thanks Miss Berry for her Christmas gift of homemade candy.

Martha writes to Mrs. Cantine with the receipt for her gift toward endowment day at Berry.

This is a letter from the Berry Schools thanking Mrs. Branders for her donation to the school and explaining the importance of donations.

Flora C. White writes to request a response to her letter. She wrote Miss Berry previously to thank her for the cotton blossoms and ask if there was a guest house at the schools in which she and her friend could stay in the spring. In this letter she requests a reply to her previous letter.

This is a letter thanking Mr. Washburn for his donation to the Berry Schools. It is also explaining Berry's great need and requesting Mr. Washburn tell his friends about Berry.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. C. A. Warden in appreciation of his gift.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Stilson to thank her for her letter stating that she wishes to leave something behind in her will to the Berry Schools. Martha Berry wishes her a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Lynch for her and her father's gifts to the Berry Schools. She also invites them to come visit, especially with her father, so that they can both see what their gifts have provided.

Melodramatic description of the little children opening gifts from a Christmas box sent by the Liggett School.

Martha Berry sends her apologies to Mrs. J. M. Jerkens for her not recieving a thank you letter for the dolls Mrs. Jerkens sent last fall.

Emma B. Hopkins thanks the students for the time she spent visiting them. She congratulates them on receiving an education in this environment, and she stresses how grateful they will be one day for Miss Berry.

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