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Berry responds to Moyer's request for the cost of supporting specific students by saying that there are many needy students and any amount is welcome.

Letter to Martha Berry from Adelbert Moot informing her that he can't respond to her suggestion of scholarships being given in honor of his mother because he is helping his children train 14 grandchildren "in the way they should go" and since he is in his seventies his income is not increasing.

A donation of $2,500 for an endowed scholarship is given to the schools by Mrs. William Moore.

This note indicates a $100 donation and says "send scholarship."

Miss McCormick provides $300 for two scholarships at the Berry Schools.

Hopkins writes that although she supports the work of the school, she is unable to make a scholarship contribution because of uncertain financial circumstances.

Letter from Martha Berry to Miss Hamilton regarding Sunday School students interest in the young people of Berry. She says she appreciates any help that they are willing to send.


Letter explaining that the students of Memorial Chapel have raised over two years, $100 to put towards a scholarship at Berry.


Martha Berry thanks Mr Hall for his $150 gift for a scholarship. Martha Berry explains Berry's policy of not allowing donors to allocate scholarships to a particular student.

Mr. Hall sends a $150 check for a scholarship as described in the Highlander and asks for information about how the scholarships are applied.

Mrs. Hall encloses a $150 check for a scholarship.

Letter to Martha Berry from Grace B. Hadley informing Miss Berry that she has enclosed a check for part of the payment on her scholarship. She also informs Miss Berry that she has been to the Holy Lands and Egypt but that otherwise the check she should have received the check around Easter. She also expresses her hope that Miss Berry is doing well and that the schools are continuing to go along satisfactorily.

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