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Letter detailing the arrival of dental equipment for the school and an open invitation for the sender to visit.

Randall J. Condon, President of the Department of Superintendence of the National Education Association of the United States, writes to invite Martha Berry to take part in a program he is arranging. He cautions, however, that she should consider the invitation tentative, since he has had more acceptances than he may be able to accommodate.


This is a personal invitation to Mrs. Ford and her husband to visit Berry College and the students in a relaxed fashion.


Kate Harney lets Martha Berry know that her invitation to visit still stands. She also lets Miss Berry know how pleased she is to her of her success.

Mr. Keown writes to W. Farris Tribble to inform him that the glee club from the Berry School will most likely be able to attend his Commencement. Mr. Keown may not be able to attend but Martha Berry would like to attend.

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