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Martha Berry writes that she has found a decorator from a company other than the one they had originally discussed. She hopes to visit New York in March, but has been ill. She believes that it is imperative to start an endowment for Berry.

J.E. Bierwirth regrets not being able to visit with Martha Berry before she left New York. He also advises Martha Berry that she ought to strengthen her Board of Trustees before she continues with her endowment drive.

Miss Berry is sick with bronchitis and had to cancel many of her "speaking engagements." Being sick, and canceling meetings has left her at a loss financially. She is worried about whether or not she will be free of debt by the end of the fiscal year. Miss Berry has been unable to compensate the teachers. Miss Berry is hopeful that Mr. Baker will help her in this time of need.

Berry thanks Kelley for his gift to the endowment.


Hamilton writes to Martha with the final payment of the 200 dollar pledge that was made for the Georgia Drive for Berry.

Letter to Mrs. Henry White from The Berry Schools informing her that Mrs. Hammond forwarded her endowment of $2500 to commemorate her husband's birthday. They assure her of Miss Berry's gratitude and appreciation of the gift and assure her that she will receive a personal thank you from Miss Berry. They also inform her that her receipt is enclosed.

This letter states that a Mr. William Stewart was not in a financial position to contribute a scholarship to the Berry Schools in 1927 because of the Federal Inheritance Tax and various estate taxes. The author urges Miss Berry to send more literature to Mr. Stewart in the hopes that he will send a scholarship in the future.

Mrs. Stuart sends $1000 for the endowment fund and promises to send the remaining balance of $1500 on July 20th.


Charles Proctor writes a long letter to Martha Berry talking about fund raising, recruiting a resident dentist for the Berry Schools, a plan to build the endowment, the upcoming Berry commencement and the birthday gift Mr. Proctor received from the boys at Berry.

Miss Berry ask if Mr. J.P. Morgan would like to endow a memory of his mother for the Berry Schools. She also asks about the Mary and John Markle Fund.

Giving thanks to Mr. McCain for the gift towards the endowment Mr. McCain contributed to the future of the schools.

This is a letter describing that there is $1,000 dollars enclosed for the Berry Schools from Robert F. Mattox. It is a Christmas gift to the Berry Schools.

E. B. Maguire, secretary to Mrs. Hammond, writes to Miss Berry, sends $300 for two scholarships in the name of Gertrude Moore Richards and tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Hammond is probably send more money for scholarships in surplus of the endowment fund.

Letter to Louis M. Starr from Martha Berry thanking him for his donation towards the endowment. She then gives her thoughts on how she believes the endowment betters the future for the schools, by making it more secure. She informs him that she would love for him and his family to make a visit to Berry. She wishes him well on his vacation in conclusion.

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