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Neal writes in appreciation of having been included in the Berry Birthday Dinner. Now that Berry's birthday is endowed, she wishes to start a fund to endow the birthday of Judge Moses Wright. Neal dreams of working for Berry in New York.

The author is unclear, since one item refers to Martha Berry in third person and several items refer to "we". A catalog of dinners and meetings during a trip to New York, acknowledgement letters needed, prospective donors, and excerpts from speeches made at a "Negro Schools Program" held at Carnegie Hall.

Enclosed with the letter is a contribution from Mr. V. Everit Macy for his half of a day endowed with Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Ladd.

Letter to Mrs. George Francklyn Lawrence from Martha Berry thanking her for her contribution, sent via Mrs. Hammond, to the endowed day for Mrs. Marquand.

Mr. Holt suggests to Miss Berry that she should sign the contract with Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Co. of Davenport, Florida for 1929. He also mentions the wonderful publicity Miss Berry would receive from the Pictorial Review, as well as the flu he and his wife managed to escape. He discusses, moreover, the terrible state of his business, but he feels as if the year was his happiest and his healthiest. He continues with his memories of Teddy Roosevelt and the election of 1912, where he hopes that the "art of forgetting" will come in handy. He also sends Miss Berry a dozen copies of Rev. Shoemaker's The Religion that Counts since he is worried that the Church is moving more towards Rome as it did in England.

Berry reports to Hammond on a list of endowed days and travel plans. Berry sends a clipping about Lucille La Verne, who is advertising that she is raising a million dollars for the school. Berry is concerned that La Verne's effort will reflect unfavorably on the schools.


In this letter EVH tells Martha Berry about some decisions that were made at a banquet. The nine decisions range from deciding to raise $1 million for the endowment fund to asking if Martha Berry could charge the visitors for room and board at the schools.

Weber encloses a check to endow Clare S. Weber's birthday, August 7.

Martha write to Morris to express her sympathies for the passing of his parents and includes a leaflet explaining the endowed days at Berry.

In this letter Martha Berry consoles Mrs. Righter on her loss. She also sends a leaflet called "Endowed Days" for Mrs. Righter to donate money to have a day on honor of Mrs. Yardley.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Cason Callaway a letter about keeping his father's memory alive through endowing a day in his memory.

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