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Mrs. Heath explains that she is sending a check in memory of her nephew, Frank R. Abbey, who passed away in 1936. She says that he was a contributor to the Berry Schools and that she is glad to keep his memory alive.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Heath for the package of warm clothes that she donated to the Berry Schools. She explains that the need is great and that she will give everything in the package to needy children.

A letter of thanks from Martha Berry for the donation of magazines and Christmas cards by Miss Sara Hayden. Berry goes on to describe their great need for new books. The ones they have are so used that they are threadbare and the librarian struggles to try to prolong their lives as best she can.

A letter to Mrs. Harkness asking for donations due to Berry's low funds and the vast need of prospective students.

Letter of thanks for a donation of 2 boxes of clothing for students

A note of donations made by Mrs. Edwin Sunderland and Miss Alice Morris II for tickets to the Berry Benefit.

A log of donations received from Mrs. John Hammond for a new printing press at Berry from October 9, 1937 to December 13, 1927

Miss Berry thanks Mrs Hammond for two donations.

A thank you letter for a donation received from Mrs. Blake through Mrs. Hammond.

A thank you letter for her gift received through Mrs. Hammond.

A thank you letter for Mrs. Messier's gift to the Berry Schools through Emily Hammond.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Kotchki for her donation to the schools. Because of this donation, many needy boys and girls are able to be kept over the summer. Martha Berry describes what the children will be doing.

Miss Martha Berry is thanking Miss Murray for the gift send through Mrs. Hammond. She goes on to describe the hardwork done without complaint in the heat of summer, without complaint.

A note attached to a $5 check from a Mrs. Nina L. Duryea of New York that's supposed to go towards the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Hammond sent Martha Berry a check for $15 from a woman named Mrs. William Hillen who just moved to Tokyo and another check for $2 from a different woman, Miss Katharine Grable.

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