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Karelsen & Karelsen donates $100 to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Howe donates $150 for an annual scholarship.

Mrs. Hillaid donates $150 for a scholarship to the Berry Schools.

Mr. Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, enclosed a check for $25,000 to Martha Berry. He also says to write again when the money has run out.


Martha Berry connects to Mrs. Miller and sends her thanks as well as blessings for Mrs. Miller's investment.


Letter to Mrs. Zonus Crane from The Berry Schools concerning the donation of articles, such as clothes, blankets, and pillow cases, by Mrs. Crane and her sewing guild. Mrs. Crane is informed that Miss Berry is away from the schools at the time of her donation but that on her return Mrs. Crane's donation would be brought to Miss Berry's attention but in her absence the schools would still like to thank everyone involved in donating to the schools.

Martha Berry sends this letter to thank Mrs. Andrews for her donation to the schools. Then she says that the spring semester is going well and that her donation will help out greatly. This letter was written on the back of a "begging letter."

Martha Berry is writing this letter to ask for money for the schools for their 25th anniversary. Mr. Dean seems to be a mutual friend of both Miss Berry and Mr. Pratt and he had donated money to the schools before. Miss Berry's mother had just passed and she hadn't been able to get donations for the schools however she knew that Mr. Dean would help had he been alive still. Therefore, she asks for help from Mr. Pratt.

A donation check receipt of $100 for Mrs. J.H. Hammond's Silver Anniversary.

Letter accompanying donation to the Berry Schools.

A letter to Clara explaining that she wrote a donation check wrong and instructing her how to correct it.

The letter is asking for donations so that more students can attend the Berry Schools.

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