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Note with $100 andBadger written. Mr Riley's name and address are typed.

Mrs. Ricker writes to the berry school with her annual subscription for 1930

Wm. L. Richardson sends a $500 donation to The Berry School.


Miss Alice E. Richardson sends $1.00 to the Berry Schools from her friend, Mrs. Beatrice Wallace.

Miss Alice E. Richardson sends a $5.00 check for a student of the Berry Schools to have their own Bible or for Martha Berry to use as she sees fit.


Miss Alice E. Richardson sends a $1.00 donation to the Berry Schools in celebration of mother's day.

A check for $150 in response to a letter asking for donations for the Berry Schools.

Filomena writes to Mrs. Hammond with a donation for the Berry Schools having always been interested in the Berry Schools and considers it a privilege to help in any small way to the School.

Emma writes to Martha Berry after being away with a check for fifty dollars to help and hopes it is not too late.

Kate L. Reynolds writes with her sympathies about the very difficult summer The Berry Schools had. She sends a small check of $50 but wishes she could do more.

Miss Annie B. Reilly sends a $5.00 Christmas donation to the Berry Schools.

Miss Reed sends a $1 check for the fund that pays for boys and girls with no money to attend school. She enjoys reading The Southern Highlander and passes her copy along to her boss.

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