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Mrs. Anna M. King writes to the Berry schools in hopes of donating some old clothing.

Agnes Winn sends a box of clothing to the Berry Schools. She also informs Martha Berry that Mrs. Joynes and herself will be arriving in Atlanta on Wednesday morning and hope to visit the schools on that day.

A letter informing the Berry Schools of two packages that were sent to the school that contained clothes. The Jacobys hope that they will be of use. Mr. Henry Jacoby is a professor emeritus of Bridge Engineering at Cornell University.

George A. Howells sends a box containing 3 suits and one dress to the Berry Schools. He requests that Martha Berry notify him of the packages arrival.


Mrs. J.Y. Hall informs Martha Berry that she has sent three trunks of clothing and pieces of material to the Berry Schools. She also sends a check for $3 for cotton to complete the unfinished quilts she sent.


Harriet F. Hall writes that she has sent some of her "daughter's "out grown outfits" to the schools in the past. In this letter, she describes various clothing items that she could send to the Berry Schools if they were needed.


Helen R. Gill writes to Martha Berry, enclosing a check from the World Wide Guild of the Fifth Baptist Church (of Philadelphia) for an amount of five dollars. Gill goes on to inquire--as did one of the ladies of the church one month prior--if Martha Berry would like for a circle of the church to assume the responsibility of clothing one of Berry's "girl students." She asks after the specific measurements of a girl so that members of the circle can begin work on constructing the clothing as soon as possible.

Gift of clothing to the Berry Schools from the Francis Hopkinson Chapter.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Crow about the package of clothing she sent and her hope that Mary and Willoughby will return to Berry in May to see their class graduate.

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