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Mrs. Twilley thanks Miss Berry for the Southern Highlander and says that she hopes she can help in the splendid work as soon as she can.

Mr. Web encloses proofs for the folders for correction, asks if Miss Bonner will mail the copy for the Highlander and offers to run up and get it.

Mr. Martin writes to ask for more copy because he things the magazine would look better that way. He also asks for the picture of Anne to go with the pictures of Lily and Jean.

Chester E. Martin, Vice President of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, advises that the cover page for the Summer Highlander has been sent for approval..

Mr. Martin thanks Miss Bonner for sending business to his firm and says that he expects to spend in the next few days an idea for the next Highlander cover in the new water-color process of printing.

Mr. Townley says the letter was received and they are making a special order so that the proof will be in the next day's mail.

Mr. Martin sends the dummy of the Spring Highlander and asks that she write the cut lines for pictures.

Edith B. Tessenden sends a small check with her prayers and 2 stamps and asks that the Schools send her some literature about The Berry Schools.

Mr. Stark writes that he just received a Southern Highlander and remedies his neglect of the Schools by sending a check.

Laura Smith has just received the summer Southern Highlander and was moved to send a $100 donation.

Mrs. Smiley writes to The Berry Schools to inform them that she has shipped a box of clothing and other items and requests confirmation of receipt. She also asks that the next issue of the Southern Highlander be sent to their home in Florida.

Lillian F. Smiley asks for two copies of the Southern Highlander because she wants to arouse interest in the work of the Berry Schools.

Miss Simpson donates $150 to be used however Miss Berry thinks best.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Scott for her support and explains how much it is needed at the schools.

Miss Scott writes to ask why she has not received copies of the Southern Highlander and expresses her desire to support a student through a scholarship.

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