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Miss Berry writes to thank Mrs. Carson for her visit and friendship. She welcomes her to Berry any time and says she is doubly welcome as a friend of Berry and of Mrs. Ladd.

Martha writes to Mrs. Cantine with the receipt for her gift toward endowment day at Berry.

Biddle thanks Hammond for including him in the Pilgrimage to Berry, describing Martha Berry as "orderly, well balanced & practical." He notes that he has sent Hammond two films, with another to follow shortly.

Martha Berry extends kind words and asks the Mrs. Lawrence help in raising funds for the school in the time of need.

Berry seeks Lawrence's advice about sending reminders about pledges and asks if she can get a list of members of the Colonial Dames, as she wishes to interest them in the school in connection with Mrs. Charles Riker's visit with the Pilgrims.

A letter to Mr. Blake thanking him for the package of woolen clothes for the girls in Sunshine cottage. She is also hoping for him to come visit the schools with the New York "Pilgrims" next Spring.

Mrs Hitchcock sends a $750 silver roll donation in memory of Mrs Henry Marquam by her friends who were Pilgrims with her at Berry.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Hemrick that she wants to take the guests to the Foundation School and up to the mountains to be entertained. She also instructs Mr. Hemrick to have the boys sit at the front of the church and to be ready to tell their life stories.

Hammond provides a list of those going on the April 16 Pilgrimage and encloses contributions to her silver roll. She is sailing the next night on the Mauretania and looks forward to seeing her daughter Alice.

Letter to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond from Martha Berry informing her that she is coming to New York and will be staying at the Gotham Hotel. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she convinced them not to have a dinner but that they insisted they must have a luncheon. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that the film of the Pilgrim Party are too small to fit Berry's moving picture machine and asks her if there is anything that can be done when she gets to New York. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she looks forward to seeing her.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond thanking her for her letter and says that it is so kind of her to try to raise $100,000 of the million dollars. Martha Berry says that she thinks it would be better to start with half a million because she has a friend that promised to give $100,000 if they raise $400,000. She says that she thinks she should try visiting her friends in Boston and that she's greatly enjoyed reading the booklet from the Pilgrim Fifth Annual Trip to Berry.

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